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  1. This method helps you increase your Youtube channels earnings by sending traffic to videos and helps you gain more subscribers.
  3. 1) The main thing with this method is to have a main video image that makes people want to click and view the video. For this you will need a decent image editing software or to simply find a screenshot in your video which looks the most interesting. In my case I am making cute pet videos with cats and dogs, sometimes these go viral with this technique.
  5. 2) Make an account on WeHeartIt for your Youtube Channel or just pick a general account name. Setup a decent avatar image and also add a link to your Youtube channel and follow a few people.
  7. http://weheartit.com
  9. 3) Since WeHeartIt doesn't allow a Youtube video to be directly entered as it is a image sharing site we use a simple workaround that also gets us an extra backlink. Go to YTScreen and enter the Youtube video URL, this will get the main screenshots from your Youtube video with links to your video and channel pages.
  11. http://ytscreen.com
  13. 4) Assuming you can correctly see the screenshots and video details now copy the YTScreen URL that looks like this:
  15. http://ytscreen.com/?video=VIDEO_ID_HERE
  17. Enter that new URL into WeHeartIt and it will give you some images to pick from with the main video image. Click that and create or pick a image collection ("Cute cats" etc), set some keywords that suit the video topic like "cats" and "pets" etc (Have "your channel name", "youtube" and "video" also).
  19. It will now display the image for your video on WeHeartIt and you have a new backlink on YTScreen which will give you additional web traffic. Repeat this step until you have added all the videos you want to share and make sure to have good keywords which is what will get your images found and shared on WeHeartIt.
  21. You could optional create your own blog with pages for your videos each with images which is possibly better if you have the time to spend setting it up but using YTScreen seems like a fairly quick way to get a image onto WeHeartIt, for other social sites they have share buttons at the bottom of the page but when i use WeHeartIt they seem to get me a decent amount of views and subs which is why this method is based around it.
  23. 5) Now here comes the main step you should always do on image sharing and social network sites.
  25. People will begin to like the images you posted, this itself doesn't really mean much because people will just go around clicking like buttons for images and add them to folders for all sites like this. Sometimes when people do this it might get traffic to your videos without any extra work but usually this won't be the case however you will probably find methods over and over again claiming that you just need to post on a site and you get views or sales etc but that is complete nonsense and the reason why big companys will usually pay for auto respond/message service subscriptions or hire social networking staff to do it manually.
  27. Instead you need to directly contact everyone that follows you or likes your images. When you get a new follower and have followed them back use the messaging system to introduce yourself and your Youtube channel etc. To do that go to your fans page:
  29. http://weheartit.com/YOUR_NAME/fans
  31. Click on someones name then click the speech bubble button next to the Following button.
  33. Post a message with something like this and then click Send:
  35. "Hi there,
  37. Thank you for following me on WeHeartIt. If you haven't already seen them i make videos and have a Youtube channel you should check out:
  39. https://www.youtube.com/user/YOUR_CHANNEL_NAME
  41. If you like my videos it would be great if you could subscribe to my channel.
  43. Have a great day, YOUR_NAME"
  45. Also remember to save your message to a .txt ready to post over and over again or possibly create a few different ones and see which one works best for you.
  47. 6) Since everyone you message is someone that followed you they will get a icon to alert them of new messages and will usually click through to your channel and watch some videos and possibly subscribe also.
  49. Like i said earlier sometimes certain images will go viral with lots of people putting them in collections and you can have thousands of likes and quite a lot of new followers in a fairly short amount of time, this makes WeHeartIt just as powerful as other social sites when you have a load of people looking at your images.
  51. This gets easier with more followers also as any new images you post will go on their main page and people usually click like if the image is good enough.
  53. Anyway that is my fairly simple method to get more views using WeHeartIt. If you have good enough video images and all goes to plan your Youtube views and subs should go up, you will have backlinks and also a social network account with decent amount of followers.
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