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Posted by spam_mail on June Thu 2nd 8:43 PM - Never Expires
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  1. Dear OBOOM costumer,
  3. we are pleased to inform you that our partner SMOOZED.com added uploaded.net to their service a while ago.
  4. But what that exactly mean for you?
  5. What is SMOOZED?
  7. SMOOZED makes it possible to aviod reduced speed and waiting time for many hosts. That means, with just one single SMOOZED account you can download from many hosts under premium conditions without owning an account at each of them.
  8. Means: you do not need an account at uploaded.to to download files at fullspeed and without any waiting time and without limits from that host.
  10. Yeah, SMOOZED is ingenious!
  12. The best part about it - you pay a lot less than at uploaded itself.
  14. For as little as 29,95EUR per year - no permanent subscription of course, single payment - you cover almost all filehosts for one whole year. Just relax and focus on the essential. Fullspeed downloads, no waiting time, no limits.
  16. After your purchase you receive your personal login data for SMOOZED. Enter these into jDownloader or activate the SMOOZED add-on in your browser. That's it!
  18. You don't need expensive premium accounts at filehosts like uploaded.net, rapidgator.net or turbobit.com anymore.
  20. In addition you gain access to our VPN service - no further expenditure. With the VPN you can download files from the torrent network without any hesitation. You IP remains your secret!
  22. That's SMOOZED. Revolutionary, inexpensive and unique.
  24. Get your one year SMOOZED account now for only 29,95 EUR instead of 99,95 EUR.
  26. https://www.SMOOZED.com/spring
  28. Have fun with your SMOOZED account. We are happy to welcome you as a costumer.
  30. Best regards
  31. Your OBOOM-Team
  32. https://www.smoozed.com/spring
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