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  1. root@precise64:/edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/requirements/edx# sudo su edxapp
  2. edxapp@precise64:~/edx-platform$ paver update_db -s devstack
  3. ---> pavelib.servers.update_db
  4. ---> pavelib.prereqs.install_prereqs
  5. ---> pavelib.prereqs.install_node_prereqs
  6. Node prereqs unchanged, skipping...
  7. ---> pavelib.prereqs.uninstall_python_packages
  8. Python uninstalls unchanged, skipping...
  9. ---> pavelib.prereqs.install_python_prereqs
  10. Python prereqs unchanged, skipping...
  11. python manage.py lms --settings=devstack migrate --traceback --pythonpath=.
  12. System check identified some issues:
  15. wiki.ArticleRevision.ip_address: (fields.W900) IPAddressField has been deprecated. Support for it (except in historical migrations) will be removed in Django 1.9.
  16.         HINT: Use GenericIPAddressField instead.
  17. Operations to perform:
  18.   Synchronize unmigrated apps: eventtracking_django, links, djcelery, discussion_api, edxnotes, auth_exchange, service_status, gating, sekizai, rest_framework, edxmako, debug_toolbar_mongo, openassessment, datadog, staticbook, common_views, course_wiki, support, course_structure_api, django_countries, humanize, course_blocks, provider, notification_prefs, thumbnail, xblock, mptt, staticfiles, markdownedx, fileupload, edx_sga, edx_jsme, monitoring, instructor, static_template_view, corsheaders, statici18n, pipeline, simple_history, enrollment, messages, config_models, notifier_api, dashboard, django_nose, debug, debug_toolbar, mailing, theming
  19.   Apply all migrations: wiki, dark_lang, branding, user_api, django_comment_common, course_overviews, sites, rss_proxy, bookmarks, mobile_api, course_groups, credit, course_modes, sessions, shoppingcart, workflow, external_auth, contenttypes, splash, certificates, static_replace, third_party_auth, assessment, submissions, status, oauth2_provider, instructor_task, organizations, track, microsite_configuration, django_notify, auth, coursetalk, util, verify_student, lms_xblock, oauth2, student, credentials, contentserver, xblock_django, embargo, commerce, milestones, course_action_state, edx_proctoring, default, oauth_provider, courseware, programs, edxval, teams, admin, django_openid_auth, bulk_email, survey, course_structures, cors_csrf, notes, self_paced
  20. Synchronizing apps without migrations:
  21.   Creating tables...
  22.     Running deferred SQL...
  23.   Installing custom SQL...
  24. Running migrations:
  25.   Rendering model states... DONE
  26.   Applying commerce.0002_commerceconfiguration... OK
  27.   Applying contentserver.0001_initial... OK
  28.   Applying course_modes.0006_auto_20160208_1407... OK
  29.   Applying course_overviews.0008_remove_courseoverview_facebook_url... OK
  30.   Applying course_overviews.0009_readd_facebook_url... OK
  31.   Applying coursetalk.0001_initial... OK
  32.   Applying credentials.0001_initial... OK
  33.   Applying edx_proctoring.0004_auto_20160201_0523... OK
  34.   Applying microsite_configuration.0002_auto_20160202_0228... OK
  35.   Applying milestones.0003_coursecontentmilestone_requirements... OK
  36.   Applying milestones.0004_auto_20151221_1445... OK
  37.   Applying programs.0004_programsapiconfig_enable_certification... OK
  38.   Applying programs.0005_programsapiconfig_max_retries... OK
  39.   Applying rss_proxy.0001_initial... OK
  40.   Applying static_replace.0002_assetexcludedextensionsconfig... OK
  41.   Applying submissions.0003_submission_status... OK
  42.   Applying xblock_django.0002_auto_20160204_0809... OK
  43. python manage.py cms --settings=devstack migrate --traceback --pythonpath=.
  44. Operations to perform:
  45.   Synchronize unmigrated apps: eventtracking_django, djcelery, statici18n, fileupload, service_status, method_override, edxmako, debug_toolbar_mongo, openassessment, datadog, common_views, provider, staticfiles, edx_jsme, monitoring, pipeline, simple_history, require, messages, config_models, xblock, django_nose, edx_sga, debug_toolbar, theming
  46.   Apply all migrations: dark_lang, student, user_api, django_comment_common, course_overviews, bookmarks, xblock_django, course_groups, credit, course_modes, workflow, sites, external_auth, contenttypes, static_replace, assessment, oauth2_provider, sessions, track, microsite_configuration, auth, coursetalk, verify_student, oauth2, contentstore, xblock_config, contentserver, embargo, organizations, milestones, course_action_state, course_creators, edx_proctoring, admin, submissions, programs, edxval, django_openid_auth, course_structures, self_paced
  47. Synchronizing apps without migrations:
  48.   Creating tables...
  49.     Running deferred SQL...
  50.   Installing custom SQL...
  51. Running migrations:
  52.   No migrations to apply.
  53.   Your models have changes that are not yet reflected in a migration, and so won't be applied.
  54.   Run 'manage.py makemigrations' to make new migrations, and then re-run 'manage.py migrate' to apply them.
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